The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I liked the WordPress blog starter so I kept part of it.  With my first car blog I will keep it short and sweet.


As far back as I remember I have been obsessed with cars.  I have my Dad to thank for that.  That’s him above with me in Florida, could you tell?  Starting at two to three years old he would ride around in the car with me standing next to him in the passenger seat.  He was not a bad Dad, that was just what everybody did back then.  I survived!

As we drove around he would call out every car we would see and then start quizzing me.  He would name car with a rhyme afterwords like “Buick Mubik” or “Dodge Lodge”.

It worked.

It went something like this:

“Mark, what is that grey sedan coming at us?”  My Dad pointed to a car in the oncoming traffic.

“Chevy Debbie!”

“Right!  How about that blue coupe behind the Chevy?”

“Plymouth Bimith!”

“Right Again. “  A pause due to a break in the traffic.  Pointing a finger he said “Okay, what kind of car is that big black sedan?”

“Caddlac Back”

“Ooops, sorry son.  That is a Lincoln Bincon.”

“Yes Dadday, a Lincoln Bincon.”

And so on.

After a while he couldn’t stump me. And sometimes my older sister would take me out to impress her dates.  Not sure if I was all that welcome on those dates but she says they were impressed and perhaps I was an inadvertent chaperone.  This how it all started for me.  And it continues to this day.

So I started in the beginning with cars like the VW Bug above.  Now  I am obsessed with cars like my current garage queen below.



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